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ShortlistIQ includes four types of accounts: Free, Basic, Standard, and Premium. Allowing you to try premium features within your free account plan, testing the inclusivity of adding unlimited candidates.

The benefits you get from starting with free account plan:

  • Experience before committing

  • Test before buy

  • Real transparency of using something that should benefit your business growth

The plan has no expiration data. It offers 10 slots for candidate interviews, allowing businesses to test the AI recruitment assistant's capabilities. You can add any number of candidates across positions, but only 10 can be interviewed in total.

Within the plan you start with one organization (or team) that offers 10 slots for candidate interviews. Upon upgrading the free plan to a paid one, the organization expands its slots to the limits of the selected paid plan.

Free Account Limits

​Please note, that 10 slots fall under only one organization available during the free account plan, expanding the slots to invite new candidates would involve upgrading the free plan

With slots full and candidates screened, you'll gain more experience in how ShortlistIQ can benefit your work. Refer to the section below to find out how to select and create your first account and organization in ShortlistIQ.

Select and Create Your Account

Launch ShortlistIQ, you can either go directly and TRY IT FREE or click to PRICING and get more insights on the existing plans.

ShortlistIQ Home Page - Try It Free

More information about account plans is available on the Pricing page with simple pricing information and no setup fees. Choose the plan that fits your business and Start for free.

ShortlistIQ Pricing Plans

Both actions will lead to a Sign Up page where you can register your account.

The Registration Form

Create Your First Organization

Upon successful verification of your work email, you'll have to create your first Organization for the onboarding process.

Create an Organization

Setting the Organization

​Please note, that picking the right Organization Name, as well as setting up its Industry and Location are equally important as creating job Interviews because every recruitment score and insight will be stored under that Organization's data.

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