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The First Steps: From Sign Up to Your First Job Interview
The First Steps: From Sign Up to Your First Job Interview
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At this moment, you have prepared your first organization to take further steps toward creating your first AI-assisted job interview. ShortlistIQ simplifies these initial steps by providing you with a checklist guide at the top of the Dashboard page.

The Check-list Steps

Should I complete this checklist first or continue with my work immediately?

Completing the checklist doesn't have to be in order, the tasks on the list are set so that you get to know the software from the less demanding to the more demanding process. The tasks can be checked accordingly as you go through the mentioned actions.

Add Your Name and Photo

1. Clicking on the Add your name and photo button, ShortlistIQ will redirect you to My Details page where you can set your Name and Photo, respectively.

Account Details

2. Changing Email Address and Phone Number are also options on My Details page. Once you set new information, be sure to click on Update Profile.

Upload a Logo

1. Uploading a Logo is like adding a visual appearance to your organization. You can set the logo directly from the Organization Settings.

Upload Logo

2. Although, ShortlistIQ accepts different infographic formats, it's highly advised to use PNG for the “lossless” compression. When you upload your logo, don't forget to save it on Update Organization.

Create an AI Assistant

1. AI assistants are an important part of every organization because they lead and manage initial recruitment steps with candidates. Creating your personal AI Assistant will require a set of steps for setting its human-like appearance and personality.

Create an AI Assistant

2. When you finish with customization, click on Generate AI Persona and you'll have your personal AI assistant ready for job interviews.

Create an Interview

1. The first step in creating a interview is assigning the recruitment process to your personal AI assistant (TIP: Nice to have 2 or more at your disposal for testing purposes).

2. You should pay a close attention to the Features, Requirements, Responsibilities, and Registration Form because the information from these steps gives both your AI Assistant and candidates insights into what they can require and expect.

Train an AI Assistant

Invite the First Candidate

Well done on getting this far! Inviting the candidate requires first to import them. ShortlistIQ offers importing either manually setting up each variable such as First Name, Last Name, Email, etc., or bulk via CSV list. Once is added, you can click on the Invite button to send the invitation email to the candidate.

Invite Candidates

Verify Your Candidates Information

Verification ensures that your invitation emails do not end up in the spam box because of typos or expired email addresses.

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