How to Invite Team Members and Define Roles
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The ShortlistIQ platform supports team invitations within organizations. Carrying out the recruitment process with your personal AI Assistants is like a breeze, but if you decide that you need extra human-hand or real life experience you can invite your team members with 2-3 steps.

Organizations are divided into units, each has its working, ie. the recruitment environment independently. Inviting members will be performed in the organization that is currently selected.

  • Example: If you have created three organizations: X, Y, and Z, of which is Y organization selected, when you invite team members, they will be assigned to Y organization, not knowing about the existence of X and Z organizations. In this way, you can separate your work, eg. for different departments, needs, and businesses.

Refer to the section below to find out how you can call your team members within the organization and define their roles in ShortlistIQ.

Invite Your Team Members

  1. To Invite Your Team Members in a ShortlistIQ, open the Organization page.

Dashboard - Organization

2. Set up the right organization in which team members will be invited and assigned to work. Please note, you can either chose between the existing organizations or create a new one.

Organization Settings

3. Open the Members section and click on Invite Members to call out the assistance from your human team.

Members Section - Team Invite

Define Roles of Team Members

To define the roles of team members, you should first set up their emails for an invitation and then define their status in the organization.

Choose between Member or Admin to define whether they can track your work with valuable advice beside (Member) or directly participate in it (Admin). Click on Send Invites to finish the invitation.

Invite Members

Manage Invited Members Within Organization

1. ShortlistIQ will notify you when the members are invited, giving you a space to verify their information before they accept invitation calls and join your organization.

Manage Invited Members

2. In case, if you notice that you made a mistake, eg. while typing your colleague's email address, you can click on Delete Invite (the "X" element on the right side of the invitation) and confirm Delete Invite.

Huh, you managed to get away this time, now you can re-send the invite!

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