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AI Assistant Creation and Customization
Creating Your AI Recruitment Assistant
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Customizing Your AI Assistant
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating and Customizing Your AI Assistant
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Your AI's main ability should be to ask strategic questions rather than basic skill inquiries elevates the quality of candidate assessment. This efficiency and depth of evaluation ensure a more inclusive and fair selection process, making the recruitment journey more effective and unbiased.

The step-by-step guide below will lead you through the process of creating and customizing your AI Assistant(s)

1. Create a New AI Interview Assistant

From your Dashboard open the AI Assistants page to create your AI assistant.

ShortlistIQ Dashboard

Click on "+" to open the customization menu in which you can build your AI's persona.

Create AI Assistant

2. Customize Your AI Assistant: Assign an Identity

Customize your AI assistant by assigning an identity, i.e., full name which will be introduced to candidates.

AI Identity

Visual identity is also very important for the first appearance. You can either choose one from the available "Avatar selection" or UPLOAD IMAGE from your sources.

Avatar Selection

For extra touch, use filters to create your ideal AI avatar or allow ShortlistIQ to generate random avatars by clicking on the "counterclockwise arrows" icon.

Generate A New Avatar

3. Customize Your AI Assistant: Determine AI Persona

Use range sliders to set communication skills, interview approach, and overall temper of your AI assistant.

Give the final touch to an AI persona by choosing the native language and gender pronouns. When you are done, click on Generate AI Persona, and voila!

Determine AI Persona

3. Inspect Created AI Assistant(s)

You can inspect created AI assistant(s) directly from the "AI Assistants" page. It is useful to have them in one place for further analysis and review before determining which one will be assigned for the next job interview.

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