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Overview: What Are Organizations in ShortlistIQ?

Organizations represent individual units of ShortlistIQ's recruitment ecosystem. Each organization is an individual environment that has one main admin ( in this case, You) and other members assigned by the main admin.

What is the purpose and need of different organizations?

The purpose of organizations is to separate recruitment processes or tasks that should be done either within different teams, or departments in one company, or within different companies. Switching between organizations gives the main admin (in this case, You) insights into recruitment scores and conversations specifically for the switched organization.

Add New Organizations in ShortlistIQ

You can add new organizations from every page in ShortlistIQ. Locate the drop-down list on the left side of the screen which has a displayed name and the logo.

Click on the drop down list and ShortlistIQ will open the list of existing organizations with the accent on the current active.

Open the Drop Down List

To create add a new organization click on New Organization and ShortlistIQ will open a creation form.

Add New Organization

Limits Within Account Plan

Please note, that Free account plans can have only 1 organization at a time, and new organizations can't be created/added.

Manage Organizations in ShortlistIQ

Once the new organization is added to your account, the switching and managing between different organizations will emerge. You can manage an organization in your ShortlistIQ account by choosing between one from the drop down list on your screen's left side.

How to know if a newly created organization is selected?

A newly created organizations have all metrics and records reset to 0 with the "Latest Jobs" section offering you to start creating job interviews. Also, one important metric to know is Number of Candidates Invited because a new organization has a default value for it to "0 of 10 candidates invited".

New Organization Reset Values

Adding Old Team Members to New Organizations

Please note, that old team members will not be visible in newly created organizations. To add them, you'll need to invite them again. Fresh your memories of how to Invite team members, here.

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