Creating a Job Interview: A Comprehensive Guide
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Overview: What is a Job Interview

In ShortlistIQ, a Job Interview is like a streamlined recruitment campaign, tailored for each unique position on your hiring list. This feature allows recruiters to easily add, invite, and monitor the status of all candidates for a specific role, simplifying and organizing the recruitment process from start to finish.

Imagine conducting a Job Interview on ShortlistIQ like hosting a dinner party where each dish (candidate) gets the chance to shine. Just like you wouldn't serve the same dish to every guest, ShortlistIQ ensures you're not asking blanket questions to every applicant. Instead, it's like customizing the menu to highlight the unique flavors of each dish, ensuring every candidate gets the opportunity to showcase their best qualities in the most appetizing way possible.

How to create a Job Interview: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Access Job Interviews on the left sidebar directly below the Dashboard.

Open Job Interviews page

2. ShortlistIQ will open you a Job Interviews page within the active organization. Click create on + Create an AI Interview to create a new job interview.

Create and Train Your AI Assistant Before a Job Interview!

Please note, by this step you should have an AI assistant created and trained so you can complete the first step in creating a Job Interview. To refresh your knowledge on how to create your own AI Assistant, here.

3. Choose your AI Assistant for a job interview based on its profile and training for a specific role.

Choose an AI Assistant for a Job Interview

4. Set basic information about the job posting and make sure to set a real due date. In this way, ShortlistIQ has insights into dates and can notify you about approaching deadlines.

Basic Information About Job Interview

5. Based on the given information, the AI ​​will generate responsibilities that are popular on the market. You can modify, replace, or leave them generic as created.


6. Next, ShortlistIQ's AI system will generate for you a list of requirements that will be displayed in the job posting. You can enhance the list with your additional requirements and extra description.

7. Customize the registration form by adding input fields, to collect all necessary information from candidates. Note, that your AI Assistant will also have insights into this information to improve the interview experience.

Customizing the Registration Form

8. When you finish with the customization process, click on FINISH to create your Job Interview.

Finish With the Job Interview Creation

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