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Managing Candidates: Adding, Inviting, and Tracking Status
Managing Candidates: Adding, Inviting, and Tracking Status
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Overview: Managing Candidates

Managing candidates shouldn't be a daunting task, always.

Think of ShortlistIQ's Job Interview as your optimized command center, where adding, inviting, and tracking your candidates becomes as straightforward as organizing your favorite app dashboard. This functionality not only streamlines the recruitment process but also ensures that every decision maker has a holistic view of candidate progress in real time. The benefits are clear:

  • reduced administrative burden,

  • enhanced communication clarity,

  • make a significant increase in the efficiency of moving candidates through the pipeline.

With all essential information accessible on one screen, you can focus more on engaging talents and less on navigating through the clutter, making the hiring process more effective and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Add Candidates in Your ShortlistIQ Job Interview

From the "Job Interviews" page, click on a job interview's title to open the command center.

Open a Job Interview

1. Manual Import

Click on Add to open the form for manual add of candidate.

Add Candidate

Fill out the form to individually add candidates. This feature ensures that you always have the opportunity to add candidates in case they were left out in bulk import or subsequently joined the recruitment process.

Manual Import of Candidates

2. Bulk Import

Click on Import to add a bulk CSV list of candidates who apply to a job role.

Import Candidates

Set the source for an import (optional). Note, that setting the source would benefit your filter possibility in case of long lists of candidates.

Source of the Bulk CSV List

Drag-and-Drop CSV file to complete a bulk import. Candidates will be automatically added to a command center.

Drag-and-drop CSV File

Verify Information Before Import

Please note, that double verifying candidates information will ensure that you get filtered and deliverable contacts that can be contacted and further processed for interviews. In case of invalid contacts, your deliverability and status will be corrupted.

Invite Candidates to Your ShortlistIQ Job Interview

Added candidates will be displayed under the "Candidates | Newly sourced" section where you can double check their information and status. For easier management, there are three ways of inviting candidates to your job interview:

1. Single Invite

Invite a single candidate to your job interview by clicking on the mail-invite button in the continuation of the line where the candidate's information are displayed.

Single Invite

2. Individual Invites

Select specific candidates on the left check box and click on Invites Selected to send individual invites.

Individual invites

3. Bulk Invites

Click on the main check box and then on Invites Selected bulk invite all candidates.

Bulk Invites

Managing Tracking Status

1. Candidates with Invite Pending Status

Invited candidates who haven't started and interview will be visible in the "Invite pending" section with their information.

The Invite Pending Section

1.1 Candidates with the Invite Pending Status: Re-invite

In the case, that candidates report that they haven't received an invite. You can send a re-invite again by clicking the "Re-invite" button in the continuation of their information line.

Re-invite Candidates

1.2 Candidate with the Invite Pending Status: Copy Invitation Link

Click on three dots in the continuation of the candidate's information line and click on Copy Invitation Link to copy the link to the interview.

Note, this is useful in cases where you want to personally call out the candidates to interview.

Copy Invitation Link

2. Interview complete

Candidates who completed their interviews will be visible in the "Interview complete" section with their tracking information.

The Interview Complete Section

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