The Candidate Experience: Overview and FAQs
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Overview: Entering The Candidate's Arena

Welcome to a unique journey, one where the tables are turned, and you, the recruiter, get to walk a mile (or at least a few virtual steps) in your candidates' shoes. Imagine diving into an interview, not with the daunting, stone-faced panel you might expect, but with an AI so convincingly human it might just ask how your day was. Yes, we're talking about stepping into the world of an interview conducted by ShortlistIQ’s AI recruitment assistants.

Ever curious about the view from the other side of the "Join the Interview" button? Refer to a candidate's experience below!

The Candidate's Experience

1. Receiving the Invitation Email: The invitation is directly sent to your email left upon applying to a job with personalized email sequence referencing your full name.

The Invitation Email

2. Submit the form: Clicking "Start the interview" will redirect you to submit your information and proceed to the first round of interviews.

The Form Submission

3. Start the Interview: You have started the interview. Soon, the HR Manager (AI Assistant) from email will join the chat and introduce with the following first question.

4. Interview Progress: The AI assistant meticulously conducts the interview, asking questions tailored to the job requirements and responsibilities. You will receive feedback on each of your answers.

The Interview Progress

5. Concluding the Interview: Once the AI Assistant determines that it has gathered all the necessary information to assess your profile and responses, it will inform you that the interview has concluded and provide instructions for the next steps.

Concluding the Interview

Encouraging Post-Interview Reflection

  1. Provide Guidance: Offer suggestions for next steps in the AI's closing message, such as researching your company culture or reflecting on interview questions. This keeps candidates engaged and fosters ongoing interaction.

  2. Offer Resources: Share relevant blog posts or articles related to the candidate's expertise or discussed interests. Demonstrating support for their growth sets you apart as an employer of choice.

  3. Extend Invitations: Invite candidates to company events, webinars, or workshops that align with their interests. This shows there's more to your company than just work and keeps them engaged.

Remember, every interaction with your AI assistant is a chance to showcase your company's culture and values. By making the interview process engaging and informative, you position your company as candidate-centered and forward-thinking. After all, in the age of AI, a personal touch goes a long way.

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