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Managing Your Subscription: Upgrading, Downgrading, and Cancellation
Managing Your Subscription: Upgrading, Downgrading, and Cancellation
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As an Admin in your ShortlistIQ account, you have the ability to oversee and upgrade your subscription plan within your organization. This includes adding new members and adjusting the number of organizations.

How ShortlistIQ's Billing works?

ShortlistIQ revolves around subscription plans tied to organizations. This means that each organization linked to an admin account (in this case, yours) can have its own subscription with distinct billing details.

Refer to the sections below for guidance on accessing the subscription management settings within your organization, customizing billing information, and upgrading your plan.

1. Access Your Subscription Settings within Organization

  1. From Dashboard chose the organization from a Collapse Sidebar on the left side of the screen in which you want to manage subscription settings.

    Choose Organization

  2. Once you've chosen the organization, find your Subscription settings either at the bottom of the Collapse Sidebar or by clicking the Upgrade button where the candidates metric is located.

    Access Subscription Settings

2. Upgrade and Edit Your Subscription

To upgrade your subscription:

  1. Select your preferred billing cycle, Monthly or Yearly (30% OFF).

    Select Your Billing Cycle

  2. Browse through the available plans and select the one that best suits your business needs. Then, click on Select Plan.

To edit your subscription plan:

  1. Access your Subscription settings

    Access Subscription Settings

  2. Click on the Manage button which will be highlighted under your subscription plan

    Manage Subscription

  3. Open the Billing Information section

    Open the Billing Information Settings

  4. Fill in all your details in the Billing Information modal that appears. Then, click on Save to save your changes.

    Manage ShortlistIQ's Subscription Billing Settings

3. Downgrade and Cancel Your Subscription

To downgrade your subscription plan:

  1. In your Subscription settings, select the preferred plan and click on "Switch to Selected Plan".

    Downgrade ShortlistIQ's Plan

To cancel your subscription:

  1. While in your Subscription settings, click on the Cancel button under your current plan.

    Cancel ShortlistIQ's Plan

  2. Confirm your cancellation choice by clicking on "Yes, cancel immediately".

    Confirm Cancellation of Your ShortlistIQ's Plan

Are all Your Subscriptions Affected When You Cancel One?

Within ShortlistIQ, each organization's subscription is independent. If you cancel one subscription, it doesn't affect others. So, each organization linked to your admin account can have its own subscription with unique billing details.

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