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Understanding Pricing Plans and Choosing the Right One for You
Understanding Pricing Plans and Choosing the Right One for You
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ShortlistIQ introduces four subscription plans: Free, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

The Free plan, designed for newcomers, offers valuable access with certain limitations such as restricted invitations and the capability to add only one organization. This plan is your gateway to experiencing the future of recruitment without any initial investment.

Diving into billing cycles, ShortlistIQ extends the flexibility of choosing between Monthly and Yearly subscriptions. Opting for a Yearly subscription unlocks a 30% discount, presenting an attractive proposition for businesses focused on long term recruitment efficiency and cost effectiveness.

ShortlistIQ's Billing Cycle

How to Choose the right plan for you

Selecting the ideal ShortlistIQ plan is pivotal to aligning our capabilities with your recruitment needs. Here’s a brief overview of our paid plans:

  • Basic: Geared towards small businesses, allowing for up to 20 job applicants monthly. It's your stepping stone into automated recruitment, offering one AI assistant and unlimited job positions.

  • Standard: Our most popular plan, crafted for organizations processing up to 200 applicants monthly. It features unlimited AI assistants, catering to businesses ready to leverage full-scale automated interviewing.

  • Premium: Designed for businesses in growth mode, supporting up to 2,000 monthly applicants. This plan is the epitome of scalability and support, with unlimited AI assistants and priority customer service.

Drawing from our expertise in developing ShortlistIQ, we recommend small businesses begin with the Basic plan to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of AI-assisted recruitment.

As your business scales, the higher plans — Standard and Premium — offer the flexibility, capacity, and support to meet your expanding recruitment demands. The transition between plans is seamless, ensuring as your needs evolve, so does our support.

In Conclusion

Determining the most suitable ShortlistIQ plan for your business is an essential step towards optimizing your recruitment process. While we offer a range of options to cater to various business sizes and needs, the genuine impact lies in the experience. We encourage you to explore and Find Your Best Fit with ShortlistIQ, where innovation meets inclusivity in recruiting.

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