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Next Steps After the Interview: Conversations Overview
Next Steps After the Interview: Conversations Overview
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Overview: Conversations

In your journey to make recruitment both efficient and personal, the Conversation section of ShortlistIQ bridges the technological with the human touch, while upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) principles.

This feature is designed for you to engage directly with candidates after their initial AI-conducted interview, emphasizing the value of personal interaction in an AI-enhanced recruitment process.

How to Interact with Candidates: Step-by-step Guide

Leverage the Conversation section effectively by following these streamlined steps:

  1. Access the Conversation Page: Log into your ShortlistIQ dashboard, choose the organization in which the interview was conducted:

    Choose Organization

    Head to the Conversation section to see the list of candidates who have completed their AI interviews.

    Open the Conversations Section

  2. Filter Conversations by Job: Click on the funnel icon at the top of the conversations to filter conversations by the job interview.

    Filter by Jobs

  3. Open the Conversation History with Candidate: Select a candidate to chat with.

  4. Join the Conversation Chat: Click on "Join the conversation" to join the conversation chat with the selected candidate.

    Join the Conversation Chat

  5. Review Candidate's Information: Examine the selected candidate's details in the Scorecard located on the right side of the Conversations screen.

    Base your conversation on the AI's findings, focusing on points or questions that stem from their evaluation report.

When to Interact with Candidates

Choosing the right moment to initiate a conversation can greatly influence the outcome. Here is how you can decide on the best timing:

  • Post-AI Interview Analysis: Allow the AI assistant to finish the first-round interview and review the generated report before you interact. This way, your conversation is informed and focused.

  • Referencing the ShortlistIQ Scorecard: The Scorecard feature offers insights into a candidate's strengths and areas needing improvement. Initiate conversations with candidates who have exceptional potential or those who might require further clarification on certain aspects, based on the AI’s first interview.

  • DE&I Consideration: Ensure your interactions align with DE&I goals by choosing a diverse group of candidates for follow-up conversations. This may include candidates who bring unique qualities or perspectives to the table.

  • Before Final Decisions: Use the Conversation section for a final touchpoint with a candidate before making your hiring decision. This direct interaction can offer crucial insights into a candidate's suitability beyond their resume and AI assessment.

By directly interacting with candidates after the AI interview and keeping DE&I principles at the core, you demonstrate a commitment to a comprehensive and inclusive hiring process. Following this guide will ensure you get the most out of AI-driven recruitment, enhanced by the deep insights and genuine connections that only human interaction can provide.

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