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Joining Conversations: How and When to Interact with Candidates
Joining Conversations: How and When to Interact with Candidates
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Congratulations! Your AI assistant, powered by ShortlistIQ, has adeptly navigated the first-round job interview, compiling a comprehensive candidate profile that highlights both strengths and areas for improvement.

With the completion of the interview, you now have the opportunity to delve deeper by reviewing this profile and directly engaging with the candidate. Here's how you can seamlessly integrate yourself into the conversation.

How to Interact with Candidates: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access Job Interviews: Log into your ShortlistIQ Dashboard, and select the Organization tab to display the job interviews associated with it.

    Access the Job Interviews Section

  2. Open the Job Interview: Find and click on the specific job interview you wish to review.

    Open the Job Interview

  3. Select the 'Interview Complete' Section: Here, you'll find a list of candidates who've completed the first-round interview.

    Interview Complete

  4. Review Candidate Profiles: By clicking the 'Open' button under the Actions column, you can access detailed profiles of each candidate, which include scores, pros and cons, and more.

    The Candidate Scorecard

  5. Examine the Chat History: Select the 'Chat' card to review the conversation history from the AI-conducted first-round interview.

    Candidate Chat

  6. Join the Conversation: When you're ready to interact with the candidate, click on "Join the conversation" and engage directly.

    Join the conversation

When to Interact with Candidates: Advanced Tips

Deciding when to join the conversation with a candidate is crucial. Here are some advanced tips to guide you:

  • Post-Evaluation Debrief: After reviewing the AI-generated candidate profile, initiate a conversation to discuss any ambiguities or provide clarification on responses. This personal touch can significantly enhance the candidate's experience.

  • Further Exploration of Skills: If a candidate’s responses during the AI interview piqued your interest in a specific skill or experience, join the conversation to delve deeper. Personal interactions can unearth nuances that AI might not capture fully.

  • Cultural Fit Assessment: While AI can evaluate based on set criteria, assessing a candidate’s fit within your organization's culture often requires a human touch. Engage in discussions that reveal personality traits and values alignment.

  • Candidate Q&A: Some candidates have insightful questions about the role, company culture, or future projects. Stepping into the conversation to address these queries not only provides clarity but also showcases the organization’s commitment to open communication.

  • Final Round Invitation: Use this direct communication line to personally congratulate candidates who are moving to the next stage of the hiring process. A personalized invitation can boost their confidence and reaffirm their interest in the role.

Remember, while ShortlistIQ's AI does the heavy lifting in the first interview round, your interpersonal skills and insights as a recruiter play a crucial role in the subsequent stages.

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