Navigating Your Dashboard: Insights and Actions
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Gain a holistic view of your recent recruitment activities, allowing for seamless comparison of key engagement statistics. Whether it's tracking candidate interactions or managing interview schedules, the Dashboard provides unparalleled clarity.

Refer to the sections below for more information about your Dashboard.

Time Saved with AI Interviews

You can visualize the efficiency gains achieved by leveraging AI-driven interviews within your organization. Intuitive infographic quantifies the minutes saved by entrusting your first-round interviews to AI assistants:

Time(minutes) Saved

How To Train My AI Assistant?

To understand the basics of AI Training, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide and implement every learned step.

Latest Job Updates

To stay informed about the latest job openings within your organization -ย  under the "Latest Jobs" section ShortlistIQ will display real-time updates. You can track the number of candidates invited to each interview and monitor the creation dates of job listings to stay ahead of the curve.

Latest Job Interviews

More Job Interviews, More Fun

If you're leading more job interviews within your organization, you easily access them through this shortcut and make informed decisions analyzing candidate scores.

Accessible Guides for Enhanced Understanding

Navigate any recruitment challenges by leveraging our comprehensive ShortlistIQ guides. Whether you're a novice user or seeking to optimize your utilization of platform features, the guides will offer invaluable insights and best practices.

Getting Started Guides

Stuck with a question? No problem

Besides getting started guides (reserved for newbies) Dashboard will display the latest articles from our help center and keep you up to date with new AI recruitment knowledge.

Proactive Deadline Management

To stay on top of impending deadlines ShortlistIQ offers a proactive notification system. Under the "Approaching deadlines" section you will have timely reminders as job interview dates approach, ensuring that you remain aligned with organizational objectives and deadlines.

Approaching Deadlines

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