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Once your AI recruitment assistant from ShortlistIQ has meticulously conducted the interviews, extracting the most promising potentials from your pool of applicants, the next step in streamlining your hiring process involves exporting these detailed candidate profiles into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The ShortlistIQ platform makes this next step seamless by allowing you to export candidate profiles in PDF format - a decision that ensures the integrity and readability of all content across various devices and platforms.

For an effortless transition of data, follow the guidelines below:

Exporting Each Candidate: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Your Dashboard: Begin by logging into your ShortlistIQ account. Here you'll find your organization’s Dashboard - your central hub for all interview-related activities.

    Organization's Dashboard and the Job Interviews page

  2. Find Your Job Interview: On the Dashboard, locate the "Job Interviews" page. This page showcases all the interviews your AI has conducted. Click on the particular Job Interview card that piques your interest to dive deeper.

    Job Interviews

  3. Access Completed Interviews: Within the selected Job Interview, look for the "Interview complete" section. This is where all the finalized interviews are tallied. Find the candidate of interest and under the Actions Column, you’ll see the option to 'Open' the candidate's profile.

    Completed Interviews and Candidate Profiles

  4. Exporting the Profile: Upon opening the candidate’s profile card, glance towards the right upper side to spot the ‘PDF’ icon. A simple click on this will initiate the export of the candidate's post-interview profile, inclusive of their chat history, scores, and insights, all neatly consolidated in a PDF format.

    Exporting the Candidate's Profile

Why Only Manual Export? A Snapshot of Our Precision-Driven Process

Wondering why candidate profiles need to be exported one at a time? It's all about the precision and depth we promise. Each PDF profile is a rich, detailed portrayal of a candidate's abilities, filled with interactive graphics and in-depth insights thanks to our AI's thorough evaluation. This approach ensures every part of the candidate's potential is captured and preserved for when you move these insights into your ATS. Manual exporting safeguards the quality and comprehensiveness of each profile, enabling a more informed, nuanced hiring process.

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